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The Land & Life Foundation, together with Amboseli Sopa Lodge, has initiated a tree planting project aimed at increasing tree cover and biodiversity within the grounds of the property. Sixteen acres have been dedicated to the program in the hope that it will enhance local biodiversity levels and promote healthy soils.

As part of the project, Amboseli Sopa will establish its own tree nursery, from which seedlings will be used in the plantations. Amboseli Sopa will employ a full-time individual to manage the nursery and oversee all planting operations. Guests can get involved with planting trees via donations to Land & LIfe which help the operational costs of the nursery.

The overall goal is to create a healthy, contained woodland plantation that will increase local biodiversity in the form of plants, insects, birds, and small mammals. The trees will serve as a support system for other flora and fauna to thrive. The project aims to plant over 15,000 native trees over the course of two years and, if space allows, extend these plantations. Guests can get involved in the project by planting trees themselves or donating towards the operational costs of the nursery.

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