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Located on a range of hills that form the western limits of Africa’s Great Rift Valley, Sopa’s Lake Nakuru Lodge offers spectacular views of Lake Nakuru and its surrounding National Park. The 60-room lodge is just a 2.5-hour drive from Nairobi and a short 30-minute flight from Wilson airport to Naishi airstrip. The park, known for its wooded and bushy grassland, offers wide ecological diversity with 56 different species of mammals including the black and white rhinos and the rare Rothschild’s giraffes, as well as nearly 450 bird species. Guests can enjoy flamingos and other water birds, as well as a variety of terrestrial birds. During their stay, guests can enjoy game drives, dining in the bush, nature walks, archery and spectacular bird watching. The lounge, bar and dining room have extensive sheltered outdoor terraces, while the infinity swimming pool overlooks the lake and has a pool bar. The property also offers a boutique gift shop for those who wish to bring home a special memento from their safari.

Our Guided Nature Walk offers a unique opportunity to discover Nakuru's remarkable bush life beyond the confines of a safari vehicle. Starting from our car park area, the trail meanders along the Lodge's perimeter fence and opens up to the plains of the adjacent farmyard, which is gradually transforming into an indigenous forest. Here, you'll encounter a rich array of flora and fauna, from vibrant bird species in two distinct Lodge zones to the captivating diversity of plant life. The trail culminates at the Sopa Observation Hill Deck, providing a breath-taking panoramic view of the Lodge's surroundings and Lake Nakuru National Park. Our comprehensive experience includes a professional guide and a dedicated security guard for your safety and enjoyment.

Archery - Upon arriving at the game lodge, your guide will warmly welcome you and commence with an informative introduction to the exhilarating archery adventure, accompanied by essential safety guidelines. Equipped with a bow and arrows, you'll be led to the archery range, thoughtfully positioned amidst the lodge's picturesque landscape. Here, your skilled guide will impart the fundamentals of archery, covering the art of proper bow handling, aiming techniques, and the graceful release of arrows. Initial practice includes target shooting, offering a chance to hone your precision. As you progress, more exciting challenges await, from hitting moving targets to engaging in friendly tournaments with fellow guests. Lake Nakuru Sopa's archery experience promises a delightful blend of learning and leisure amid the lodge's natural splendour, making it a truly memorable adventure.

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