Weddings & Special Events

We have hosted numerous weddings of all sizes at the resort, from small and intimate functions to those with over five hundred guests. In this respect we justifiably consider ourselves to be expert wedding organizers, and we leave no stone unturned in order to ensure total perfection for one of life’s most important of events.

In order to achieve this, it goes without saying that we will meticulously go through every single detail with you to include the following:

  • The exact positioning of the wedding pavilion, and whatever tents, tables and bars that might be required for your subsequent reception party.
  • All your flower arrangements and bouquets, and also your decorative requirements with their exact positioning should you wish us to provide and arrange these on your behalf
  • Your snack, canapé and/or full meal menus
  • The colours of the table cloths and napkins you would prefer.
  • Your choice of cutlery, crockery and glassware
  • All the drinks you wish to be provided at your bar outlets.
  • The music of your choice whether it be a discotheque or a live band, and also the possible use of our public address system which you might require for the head table depending on the number of your guests.
  • The decoration of any guest rooms you might require.

And while some people get married in some unusual places these days, we also have a floating pavilion which can be placed anywhere of your choice along our lakeshore frontage – or even at the end of the jetty – and which can be fully decorated with flowers or whatever else you prefer in order to perfect the setting.